Financial Education Program for College Administrators, Coaches & Staff

Online Financial Education Programs, Seminars, and On-Campus Meetings

Technology Resources -  Online tools for employees to help them set a path toward financial independence. UNDER DEVELOPMENT

Monthly Education Seminars - These would be held every month on topics such as advice on their current Fidelity and TIAA retirement plans, Life Insurance needs, Retirement Income, Long Term Care needs, assistance with relocation events from previous employers as well as from current employers, with many others.

“On Campus with CFS” This will be in-person visits to the campus to conduct group or individual sessions to the athletic department about timely topics as well as advice on individual circumstances.  We can certainly discuss how often we should schedule these opportunities.

Collegiate Financial Services (CFS) is kicking off its yearlong series of online financial education webinars.
Each monthly webinar will cover a financial topic every attendee should see as a valuable educational resource as you travel along your financial journey. Topics will include Saving and Investing for retirement, Investment Allocations, Retirement Plan Consolidation, Tax Diversification Strategies, and discussions on Life, Disability and Long-Term-Care considerations.